Expect the unexpected

Tonteria's nightclub doors open at 11 pm, from which point you will be immersed in a theatrical wonderland. With an array of entertainment each night, we ensure that every experience is unlike its predecessor.

With performances from our award-winning acts and dancers, Tonteria rarely experiences a dull moment - entertainment is always on full throttle.
Expect bottle shows to your table with tequila shots arriving on our 'Tonteria Express' shot train, and don't be surprised if the bartender ends up topless, chasing you with some 1942 Don Julio in hand.
Grab a lucha libra mask and immerse yourself in the Tonteria experience. The sillier you are, the better.

Midnight remains a fantastical hour in our books. You might not lose a glass slipper, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be magic. Our infamous parade shows, piñata performances, and award-winning acts are nothing short of enchanting. And if you're looking for personalised shows for a special occasion, we can do that too.
We take care of every detail; all you have to do is be there.

An exclusive, unforgettable evening

¿Tequila? ¡Tequila!

At Tonteria, we’re all about tequila.

Wether it’s in a cocktail or spilling out of your shot glass, tequila is always the answer.

One of favourite ways to drink tequila is in our signature frozen margaritas. They are 100% delicious & deadly, and come in an array of exciting flavours, guaranteed to get you on the dance floor.

And because we’re not too familiar with the term ‘enough’, we also deliver shots on a train; the Tonteria Tequila Express… bottoms up!

What’s more? Tonteria nightclub also holds one of London’s most exclusive tequila selections with some being  the rarest and finest in the world.


Feel Like Partying?

Dress glamorously and arrive at nightclub doors for 11pm for entry. Table holders are admitted until 1am.






Please bare in mind that we have the right to refuse entry if we believe that you are intoxicated, not appropriately dressed, do not have ID or are rude to our staff.