Catering to all your needs

This option offers you a complete bespoke evening where we cater to your every need with entertainment, food, drinks and other requests. Our experienced events team will work with you from start to finish to create the ultimate experience tailored to you and your imagination.

Specialists in event curation, we can tailor our venue and acts for any occasion, be they corporate or private. They can be as outrageous or innocent as you require, or leave it up to us to give you the ultimate surprise! Boasting one of London’s largest tequila selections, hand-crafted cocktails, Latin-inspired canapés as well as an extensive list of award-winning performers and exquisite dancers, Tonteria possesses a plethora of ways to make your events unique and unforgettable.

At Tonteria we offer variety, exclusivity, and unequaled execution – we won’t settle for less.

Don Julio Private Room

The Don Julio Private Room is all about mystery. Semi-secluded from the rest of the venue, it can be reconfigured to either connect with the rest of the venue or be kept fully private.

The Private Room is perfect for standing cocktail and canapé receptions, which can continue after 11pm once club hours commence. This space can accommodate 15 people sitting and 35 standing.

The room also marks its uniqueness with its human vivarium in which our dancers can offer you and your guests private shows while the other end of the room possesses its own access to the bar, away from the crowds.